NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. NOTE: The warning label must be posted near your spa in a readable position during using your spa. "url": "" If the filter is clogged, then it will need to be replaced. GFCI plug replaced, no change WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY: Never add water that is higher than 104F (40C) into the Spa. If the filters are too dirty, they may require replacing. PROBLEM:Outdoor condenser pipe sensor error. The GFCI is tripping randomly. Pay attention to the control panel that features an auto-lock button. CHECK WITH A DOCTOR BEFORE USE IF PREGNANT, DIABETIC, IN POOR HEALTH, OR UNDER MEDICAL CARE.2.,, Coleman Saluspa Model #90363E Owner's Manual, HomeSeer HS-WX300-R2 Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer and Switch User Manual, JBL Stage XD Indoor/Outdoor Speakers User Guide, Linshang LS108A/LS108D Lens Transmission Meter (2nd) User Manual, nosiboo pro2 Electric Nasal Aspirator User Manual, FRYMASTER 8196981 Sandwich Holding Station Instruction Manual, havit SMART26 26 Keys Bluetooth Number Pad User Manual, EMERIL LAGASSE FAFO-001 French Door Air Fryer 360 Owners Manual, 10Gtek WD-4503AC Wireless Adapter Installation Guide, THETFORD SANICON Turbo 700 Owners Manual, FLOOR POLICE 15262-6 Cordless Electric Spinning Microfiber Flat Mop Instruction Manual. * Pricing, promotions and availability may vary by location and at Keep reading and we'll have your tub back up and running in no time. Pricing and offers are subject to change. Worked greatuntil a few weeks ago. PROBLEM:Auto-lifting panel is open. On some models it is the piece that your ChemConnect attaches to. Interlock failure; check magnetic contacts on spa equipment door. a) The water in a spa should never exceed 104F (40C). I never got that far into my pump either, so I am not sure what youd be in for, but judging from the fact that you have apparently modded the thing already, I am guessing that you are no stranger to diiging in to something like this. }, Dont leave it unusedIf you leave your LayZSpa out in winter without using it, and the temperature drops below 4C, the water could freeze within the pump and cause serious damage. And Coleman SlauSpa Setup never lets you down when it comes to having a luxurious spa feel. Any ideas? "contentUrl": "", Coleman spas offer green options for these luxury tubs, using technology that reduces energy use and insulation to maintain water warmth. IMPORTANT: Do not run the Massage system when the cover is attached. This article will help you fix the problem of getting back to enjoying your hot tub. Does it flow out well? To modify the timer settings: Press the button and use the or button to adjust. Sounds like just enough that once there is a minor flow issue with a dirty filter, it trips the flow sensor. This is perplexing to say the least as weve had this up and running for about 7 months now, and its indoors. anemic to say the least. PROBLEM:Dual indoor unit (twin model only) communication malfunction. Now its time to press the lazy massage button on the pump to inflate Colemans lazy spa. EXIT IMMEDIATELY IF UNCOMFORTABLE, DIZZY, OR SLEEPY. The paper-based substance becomes wet and clumps together after being submerged in water for more than two or three weeks, significantly reducing water flow. I can use my home automation in Home Assistant that I wrote for full control over the egg. Air-Valve Adjustment (For quick inflation/deflation valve Only), Bestway Above Ground Swimming Pool User Manual [POWER STEEL, STEEL PRO MAX], Bestway Flowclear Filter Pump Owners Manual. The product is once again ready for use. There are a lot of options, and one of them is gravel. Q: What does the e02 code error mean?A: The e02 code error means that the spa is not heating correctly. "width": "1060", Be sure to cover the spa with the spa cover whenever the heating function is activated. Clogged Debris FIlter "keywords": "spa error codes", Once it is flowing and you can turn the pump on, let it run for the 15 to 30 minutes and you should be set. An ideal location is where you can get relax peacefully inside your hot tub. Also, for those people that actually do have water temps below 40F, let's say your hot tub shut off and you didn't look at it for several days during the winter. Warm the tube at both ends using a blow dryer or heat gun. Use glue (not included) to coat the one side of the newly cut patch. The new and desired temperature setting will remain on the LED display for 3 seconds to confirm the new value. in the proposed location. Remember to remove the black stoppers from the ports inside the tub. 2001-2002 Coleman Spas/ Cal Cooperage 100 Series Owners Manual. Let the water flow out from the outside of the lower Tub-Out port. Now Seal the inflation valve of spa. PROBLEM:Discharge air temperature sensor error. Please do feel free to ask in the comment section below. PROBLEM:Water level alarm malfunction. I was able to get full automation control over the touch buttons. If the timer is set at 0 hour, the heating system will activate immediately. You can find the bottom outlet valve near the bottom interior of the Lay-z-Spa. WARNING: The GFCI plug must be tested before each use to avoid risk of electric shock. NOTE: After setting, the screen flashes the current temperature and time alternately. WARNING: Water attracts children; Always attach a spa cover after each use. When the outdoor temperature is below 15C (59F). Does the Bestway Saluspa Helsinki require a 15amp or 20amp service? At first it wasnt doing anything at all, then once I took apart the pump and put it back together I got it to run for a couple seconds then bam E02. One of the main causes of this is broken plastic around the magnet that causes the magnet to get wet and rust. CODE:F5. Instantly? I have a Bestway/Lay-Z spa with the egg and i get an E02. CAUTION: To avoid damage to the pump, the spa must never be operated unless the spa is filled with water. DANGER Risk of Accidental Drowning. To display the current water temperature, run the filter system for at least a minute. What am I missing?). A Yes. I found pieces of a ~3/4 Dia O-ring in the float sensor and another in the pump impeller. Flush both ways (In the Out, and In the In ports). "url": "", An insulating ground mat below the tub helps to maintain steady water temperature. CODE:P0. An inflatable hot tub will use up to 1.5kWh of electricity while the heater is running. Our comprehensive Coleman Air Conditioner error code guide will explain common issues, provide tips, and show you how to read your model's error codes. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. I wired the appropriate connections to the egg control unit and to the bus bar (gnd). Posted on Apr 15, 2018 1 Related Answer Anonymous On the control panel, press the button that increases the water temperature. CODE:E3. You should be back running. Maybe youve even Googled it. To do this, first, turn off the power to the spa. Some other brands are lime-away and CLR. We'll start with the E01 error. CAUTION: The spa should not be setup or left out in temperatures lower than 40F (4C). Once you fill the water its time to heat it to set the desired water temperature. It was shorting out inside the sealed pump unit. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. and all related social media accounts are the property of Awonline LTD. If you need to disconnect it for any reason, grab the black connector on the sides and squeeze it, then pull the connector apart. Routed the power cable out and then hooked the new water lines up from the tub to the new pump and then into the egg. NOTE: Remove the chemical dispenser from spa when the spa is in use. PROBLEMS? If it is, check to see if the circulation pump is working correctly. This is not true though, since the water temperature was actually around 70. CODE:EE. Pump will not start. . I took off the pump housing the impeller has a slight orange tint to it but thats it. With this list of hot tub error codes, you can immediately learn whats behind the two- or three-digit error message, so that you can get the hot tub parts and repairs needed to fix the problem. Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. If youre getting an e02 code error on your Coleman Saluspa, dont worry its easy to fix. Flushing vents did the job. Remove the bottom panel from the egg by turning it over. By submitting your email address above you agree that Coleman Company may send you emails relating to the . Once flushed, re-attach the egg to the tub and re-test. Do this each day, advises Bestway. Remove the filter cartridge and clean it with a hose. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on your spas surface or in its water. Flow is fine with pump on. And still i get the E02. This is a newly added function, designed to help avoid wasting power by setting the time and duration of the heating cycle for the spa. Do not adjust the air-valve connector when the spa is in use. Pay close attention to the chemical manufacturers instructions. Part of being prepared is knowing what you are dealing with. The easiest way to clen this is to back flush this with your garden hose. In some cases, the errors that pop up require replacement parts in order to fix the root of the problem. The "E02" Code is a loss of flow code. We use ours inside, clean and change the filter weekly/weekly, and whenever I put a new filter on it will run fine for a few days heating it, then when I go to get in, bam, The error code. Believe it or not, your filters being dirty can actually cause this error. Very often, you can find a PDF version of the owners manual online. If you can see dirt and debris around that you need to clean it. Reinstall the hose clamps behind the fittings barb and reinstall both ends on the external connector and the pump. Got the dreaded E02 error. Q: Can I prevent the e02 code error from happening again? The image to the right, thanks to Dean Masters from the UK, is a heater unit that is caked with limescale. My spa has an e05 error code. "height": "500", SPA HEAT IN CONJUNCTION WITH ALCOHOL, DRUGS, OR MEDICATION CAN CAUSE UNCONSCIOUSNESS. WHEN PREGNANT, SOAKING IN HOT WATER FOR LONG PERIODS CAN HARM YOUR FETUS. CODE:F7. Sensors out of balance, reporting different results. 1. You can put a hot tub in the garage. Make sure the glue is evenly distributed. I have checked all lines/tubes and they are not clogged. NOTE: Plastic becomes brittle and susceptible to breaking when exposed to subzero temperatures. For support please visit us at:, The best way to install your SaluSpa is to have it professionally installed by a licensed contractor. The spa is running, but the water temperature is not rising. If information from this site helps, consider making a donation to the cause. PROBLEM:Outdoor low temperature protection. You may have heard of people talking about descaling their egg. Check that the washers are seated correctly on all the In / Out ports. Yes. The error happens with and without the filter installed. Sign up now. One EASY way to tell if this is your issue is to remove the filter housings and start your pump. First, flush water through the egg in both directions to help loosen and remove any other debris that may be hanging around inside. Freezing conditions detected; warm up procedure begins. Find the problem quickly so you can fix your hot tub." Assembly part refer to the provided installation leaflet. One more thing is that you also have to inflate Coleman SlauSpa cover with the same pump for covering the inflatable hot tub. Can a Hot Tub Sit on Pavers? "dateModified": "2022-04-28", This LED flashing means you are setting the number of hours FROM NOW when the heater will activate. Love that it included the pin, as mine was toast. Coleman inflatable hot tubs start. Ive got an externally pumped tub with better flow rate/heating an extra filter and its still controlled by the egg. If the filter is clean, drain the spa and refill it with fresh water. All looks good. The Coleman Saluspa comes with a one-year warranty. The GFCI must be tested before each use. IMPORTANT: Because of the combined weight of the SaluSpa, water, and users, it is extremely important that the base where the SaluSpa is installed is smooth, flat, level and capable of uniformly supporting the weight for the entire time the SaluSpa is installed (not on the carpet or other similar material). I think you might have a partial obstruction in there. Donations are completely optional. Related Parts Pages:Coleman Air Conditioner Parts, Coleman Furnace Parts. The e01 is generally caused by a defective thermostat or the heater itself. WARNING This product is provided with a ground-fault circuit-interrupter integrated with the power plug at the end of the cord. If the air valve is loose, use the provided wrench to fasten the air valve following these steps: With one hand, hold the backside of the air valve from the inner side of the spa wall and turn the wrench clockwise. need ASAP Posted by Coach D on Apr 15, 2018 1 Answer Brad Brown Cars & Trucks Master 19,166 Answers This happens when the temp sensor is bad. Simply hosing off the dirt and junk from the filters can restore the water flow to a normal level. Once the spa is bare, close the valve and remove the hose. There are a number of things that can fail with regards to the impeller, one being the impeller shaft. Coleman saluspa E03 code BRAND NEW UNIT reset did nothing Right out of box need is to work ASAP for son w/special needs. PROBLEM:T2b sensor error. Coleman Salu spa e02 Code erroris triggered when the water level in the spa is too low. THE GFCI MUST BE TESTED BEFORE TURNING ON THE PUMP EACH TIME. For urgent questions, you can reach us directly at I have checked for kinked hoses plugged lines. Let's go through them now. { Also, ensure you have the correct moisture and air temperatures set. Always check the air-valve carefully before use. Here is your answer This is an error code which displays on the control panel of Lay z Spa due to lay z spa pump problems. Use the arrow keys to regulate the water temperature. You might see few other error codes on your Coleman Lazy Spa control panel like lazy spa E08, lazy spa E03, And lazy spa E02. Over the next few minutes, you will Know everything about Coleman SaluSpa Setup in our 7 steps comprehensive setup guide. One this bad in addition to restricting water flow can also trip the electrical line or the GFCI plug to your tub, which was the problem Dean was having. The spa will not heat. CODE:E9. "caption": "Spa Error Codes -The Big List" You can see how this could easily restrict water flow. Start by putting your black stoppers on all of your debris screens inside the tub and disconnect the egg. Keeping your spa water clean and chemically balanced is necessary. Wet surfaces are slippery. Add. "name": "Leslie's, Inc.", PROBLEM:Indoor fan speed malfunction. I have the lazy spa moldives, it runs fine untill i put the heater on and filter then i get e02 error code. Review connections to the spa. You can also try cleaning the filter with a hose or vacuum cleaner. Increase filtration time. If it is, make sure the pump and heater are turned on. Here you get more help: Questions about hot tub & pool repair? grrrr.. yeah ill have to dig into it with a multimeter. The dimensions of the SaluSpa are as follows: Overall height 80 inches (203 centimeters), Overall width 71 inches (180 centimeters), Overall depth 30 inches (76 centimeters). Spa owners can follow a few steps provided by Coleman to diagnose problems and select corrective measures to return a spa to normal working order. To re-activate the pump press lock/unlock button for 3 seconds. Once youve done that, restart the hot tub and see if the error code has gone away. The timer does NOT repeat until reset. Push that pin from the side being careful not to break it, and pull it out. Lower water temperatures are recommended for young children and when spa use exceeds 10 minutes. thanks for what you do, I used my lazy spa for about 9 months. kate sheedy 999 call, wilson parking collins place,
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